Experience : 3 – 8 Years

Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Education: Diploma, Bachelor of Technology/Engineering

Nationality: Any Nationality

Gender: Any

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Findings, fixes, and replaces vehicle parts utilizing the right extraordinary apparatuses and observing MG Rule and IEM SOP.
  • Investigate and analyze all vehicle frameworks given perception, mechanical testing, electronic symptomatic hardware as well as the data given by clients and administration history.
  • Perform wheel arrangement, Wheel adjusting, and AC fix.
  • Give exact definite warranty report and/or cash gauge for fix and parts substitution.
  • Continuously learns new technical data and techniques in conventional instructional meetings to keep up to date with quickly changing auto innovation.
  •  Communicating with the Parts Advisor, Group Pioneer, Expert technical, and Workshop controller to arrange the right required parts.
  • Identify any extra fix that was not determined in the gig card and convey it to the Master technician or workshop controller.
  • Help the workers if any troubles happen while playing out their jobs.
  •  Keeps a coordinated and perfect cove.
  •  Maintaining an inventory of normal Technician’s tools
  • Give a clear and basic review of the errand performed, feature any remarks, and illuminate the prevalent if regarding security-related remarks.

Dubai’s Dynamic and Flourishing Technical Environment

Dubai, known for its transcending high rises and state-of-the-art framework, flaunts a unique technical scene. From development and engineering to data innovation and broadcast communications, this segment features the areas driving the interest of talented technicians in the city. Perusers will acquire bits of knowledge about the interesting undertakings and improvements molding Dubai’s technological future.

Technician jobs length across assorted businesses in Dubai. From development and design to data innovation and medical services, this segment dives into particular areas effectively enrolling specialists. Perusers will acquire an exhaustive comprehension of the fluctuated open doors accessible, permitting them to adjust their abilities and interests to the business that best suits their vocation objectives.

Abilities in Demand

Technical capability is the foundation of the outcome in the job market. This part frames the abilities and qualifications that businesses look for while hiring technicians in Dubai. Whether you’re in the field of electronics, IT, or mechanical designing, understanding the particular abilities sought after will enable you to fit your aptitude to the necessities of the Dubai work market.

Sought-After Positions for Technicians

Dubai’s work market for technicians is assorted and extensive. From IT technicians to electrical and care professionals, this segment gives a top-to-bottom outline of the different jobs accessible. Whether you spend significant time in network investigating, gear support, or framework establishments, Dubai’s tech industry offers a horde of chances customized to your expertise.

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Achievements of Technicians:

Genuine examples of overcoming adversity from specialists who have flourished in Dubai give motivation and significant experiences. Gain from the encounters of experts who have explored their direction to progress, offering viable guidance and encouragement to aspiring technicians.

Advancement in Career and Accreditation Achievements

Stay competitive in Dubai’s dynamic work market by investing in your expert professional development. Reveal the confirmations and prepare programs that can upgrade your abilities and make you a sought-after technician in the city.

Booming Industry in Dubai

Dubai’s persistent development has prompted a rising interest in talented experts across different areas. From development and design to data innovation and medical care, this part reveals insight into the businesses driving the requirement for professionals. Understanding the ongoing scene is significant for hopeful experts hoping to adjust their abilities to the city’s advancing requests.

Career Growth and Development

From certifications to continuous learning opportunities, discover how technicians can enhance their skills and advance their careers in Dubai.


As we wrap up, you’ll have acquired an exhaustive comprehension of the technician work in Dubai. From the city’s tech-driven development to significant stages for professional achievement, this article fills in as your compass in exploring the thrilling universe of technician jobs in Dubai. Seize all over the chances, embrace the difficulties, and set out on a compensating professional venture in one of the world’s most powerful urban communities.

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